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Cortland Virtual Happy Hour

Create, sip, and enjoy popular and custom craft cocktails in the comfort of your home during Cortland Virtual Happy Hour. Each week, we will focus on a specific spirit such as Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whiskey, or Wine for our theme.

To enhance your experience, we will invite local brands, products, and spirt experts to join our discussion with a variety of topics ranging from best hangover cures to nerdy cocktail stuff. In our chat room, we hope to create new interactions within our virtual community to make a fun and enjoyable experience every week. 

By purchasing one of the following options, we will eliminate the thought and time to make sure you have all of the ingredients and bar equipment ready to make drinks with us! Please visit the following options for more information:

1.) Cortland Starter Cocktail Kit 

2.) Cortland Cocktail Kit  

3.) Nine Piece Essential Bar Equipment Set -