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Corporate Virtual Events

Is your company or non-profit struggling with getting people to show up for VIRTUAL corporate training, presentations, sales events, or fundraisers?

Well, we pivoted with the pandemic and found adding a drink or two and a virtual bartender works similar to in-person happy hours. People show up! 

Our kits and bartender offers a new virtual opportunity to create a fun experience learning how to make tasty cocktails with your team members or clients  Through our first year, we have sent thousands of kits to corporate clients and employees with thrilling feedback!

"This was the perfect way to split things up during our monthly virtual  meeting!" - Susan June 2021 

How It Works in 7 Steps

1.) Pick a date/time that works for your company.

2.) Identify what and how many recipes you'd like. Portions are four per recipe.

    • Additional options such as branded corporate equipment sets and glassware are also available. Customized kits and insert request are available for an additional fee.

What's Included?

Our engineered boxes are packed with fresh ingredients at chilled temperatures and shipped directly to your attendees' door. All attendees will receive

  • Fresh non-alcoholic ingredients including fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices,  mixers and more
  • Up to Three Recipe Cards...Want more cocktail options? Send us an email with what you're looking for.
  • Alcohol (Optional)
  • Nine Piece Bar Equipment Set (Optional) 
  • Glassware (Optional) 
  • Custom Engravements (Optional)

3.) Pricing? Depending on your event and what exactly you'd like in your event's kit, the range is $36 to $400. A flat Mixologist fee of $250 applies to groups smaller than 75. Once you send us an email to barchefkit@gmail.com with the answers from #2 above and a forecast of where your attendees are located, we can get some numbers over to you quickly. 

"Was a great time. It's hard enough getting to know colleagues at a HH in real life, but on zoom? Forget it. This event made things fun and breezy." 

- Tim, June 2021

4.) To reserve time with us a 50% deposit is required to get things rolling. Turn around can be expedited for an additional fee or avoid the fees by booking three weeks in advance.

"Totally recommended! Our group used to like HH pre-pandemic so I think this was a different way to get us all together with a beverage in our hands even if it's at home."

- Cheyenne June 2021

5.) Send us your attendee list two weeks prior to the event. Let us do the work. We'll prepare and ship the kits to each team members' doorstep. Shipping is available throughout the US. Current distribution is out of Richmond, VA. International shipping is coming soon! 

"I really enjoyed the event and how you made it interactive." - Zoe May 2021

6.) Tune into your company's private virtual happy hour led by a seasoned bartender.

7.) Create, sip and enjoy innovative craft cocktails together.

Ready to book? Email barchefkit@gmail.com, CHEERS!

    By making your virtual event more interactive and creating a new experience, we will provide your attendees an experience that resonates after the drinks are done. 

    For more information regarding the process and pricing, please contact us by email at BarChefKit@gmail.com. Cheers!