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Virtual Events

Are your virtual events to discuss business or to celebrate a special event becoming stale? Do your virtual events feel like you're pulling teeth for attendance?

Well, offer them a few drinks at the virtual event. It works at in person events. So what we do at Bar Chef Cocktail Kits offers virtual event hosts a new opportunity to mix things up with your clients, team members, or friends with an interactive experience of creating two or three customized craft cocktails during your virtual presentation.

Our engineered boxes are packed with fresh ingredients at chilled temperatures and shipped directly to your attendee's door. On the day of the virtual event, our Bar Chef Bartenders will join you and your audience to complement your virtual event. All attendees will receive bar equipment, recipe cards, and fresh non-alcoholic ingredients including:

  • Fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices,  mixers, recipe cards, and more!

By making your virtual event more interactive and creating a new experience, we will provide your attendees an experience that resonates after the drinks are done.

Our virtual event experience is a fully customized process that we prefer to guide our clients through. If you wish to add alcohol to the kits, we have established shipping relationships to complement your kits with alcohol based on state's laws. Our shipping capabilities for fresh arrival is limited to 2 day shipping. Shipments outside of 2 day arrival window are not eligible for refund. For more information regarding the process and pricing, please contact us by email at BarChefHospitality@gmail.com. Cheers!