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Corporate Virtual Events

Are your virtual events to discuss business or to celebrate a company milestone?

Bar Chef Cocktail Kits offers a new opportunity to mix things up with your clients and/or team members with an interactive experience of creating two or three  craft cocktails during your virtual presentation. Each corporate event can be fully customized to accommodate number of guests, event purpose, cocktail preferences and more.

How It Works:

1.) Pick a date/time that works for your company.

2.) Identify the Bar Chef Cocktail kit that appeals to the teams' palate i.e. ingredients, flavor profiles, type of alcohol. Customized kits available.

3.) Let us do the work. We prepare and ship the customized kit to each team members' home.

4.) Tune into company's private virtual happy hour led by a seasoned bartender.

5.) Create, sip and enjoy innovative craft cocktails together.

6.) To book a corporate event or for more details, please email barchefhospitalilty@gmail.com.

Corporate Events Include:

  • Company Team Building Kits
  • Thank you Gift Kits to Clients
  • Quarterly Team Check Ins
  • Sales Meetings/Virtual Sales Presentations
  • Corporate Holiday Parties
  • Product Launch Parties
and more.....



What's Included:

Our engineered boxes are packed with fresh ingredients at chilled temperatures and shipped directly to your attendees' door. All attendees will receive:

  • Nine piece bar equipment set
  • Up to three recipe cards
  • Fresh non-alcoholic ingredients including fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices,  mixers and more

By making your virtual event more interactive and creating a new experience, we will provide your attendees an experience that resonates after the drinks are done.

"My experience with Bar Chef Cocktail was great.  So much so that I would consider using the service for a future event." - November 2020 NE Attendee

Our shipping capabilities for fresh arrival is limited to 2 day shipping. Shipments outside of 2 day arrival window are not eligible for refund. 2 day air shipping is available if requested. For more information regarding the process and pricing, please contact us by email at BarChefHospitality@gmail.com. Cheers!