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About Us

Bar Chef Cocktail Kits delivers classic and signature cocktails to your doorstep paired with virtual happy hours. Each kit is carefully curated to create three cocktails serving two individuals each and contains fresh herbs, savory syrups, three recipe cards and an optional nine piece bar equipment set. Participants are invited to  pair the kit with a live virtual happy hour led by a primer bartender to teach patrons the art of crafting each drink accompanied by colorful commentary and educational facts about the cocktail at hand. Kits are available for one time purchase, group parties, corporate events or biweekly subscriptions.

Imbedded in our philosophy is giving back to the currently struggling bar industry by supporting out of work bartenders. With each combined purchase of a subscription and an essential bar kit bought online, a one dollar donation will be given to United States Bartenders Guild local chapter. We also will be hiring unemployed bartenders through our subscribers support of our mission to create convenience and support great bartenders towards the future.

Bar Chef Cocktail Kits is founded by 10 year business owner, Mike Love, who has owned and operated The Professional Bartending Academy in Richmond, Virginia. Through Mike's experience and the combined knowledge of bartenders throughout the country, Bar Chef Cocktail Kits provides at home consumers the opportunity to create, sip and enjoy fresh new cocktails with convenience.

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