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What's a Virtual Happy Hour?

That is a great question. Not all Virtual Happy Hours are created equally.  The goal of the Bar Chef Cocktail Kit Virtual Happy Hour is to provide the guest with a relaxed, entertaining, educational and delicious experience. One that you will want to come back to each week.

The Bar Chef Cocktail Kit Virtual Happy Hour is a free and exclusive service that offers our subscribers a unique interactive virtual experience through video conferencing software at no charge to you. We are employing out of work and underemployed talented professional bartenders to host our virtual happy hours to provide you with an enjoyable experience and a friendly atmosphere to interact with us. 

Each week the carefully selected, fresh ingredients in your Bar Chef Cocktail Kit will be used to perfectly complement the cocktails you will create with your bartender and the other guests at the “bar”.

Bar Chef Cocktail Kit

All you need to bring to the Virtual Happy Hour is:

  • Bar equipment
  • The spirit/alcohol of the week...We'll send you a liquor list.
  • Ice
  • Usually a knife and cutting board
  • Usually, something to help you juice the fruit to add that important freshness quality.
  • Various cocktail glasses. We'll tell you in your kit. Actually, any glass will do. The important part is what's in the glass.

Each week has a theme and a purpose. With our content cycle, we will have a large variety of cocktails for you to learn and make yourself.  As a result, we ask you all to come to our happy hour prepared with your equipment and ingredients close by to follow along with our happy hour instructions. It is not required that you have everything to attend, but we believe you will have the most fun with us if you are prepared. Cheers!

Visit our FAQ Blog if you have further questions.

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