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How can I save money at the liquor store?

You don't have to buy the biggest bottle of liquor to make drinks.  If our liquor theme of the week is your favorite liquor, then a 750 ml may be worth it. However, each week our liquor theme will rotate. As a result, if you are planning to try some new cocktails with us which isn't what you usually like, get a smaller bottle. We recommend getting a 375mL. or a few mini bottles.

In addition to the size of the bottle, we recommend trying out different brands. Price does not always dictate quality.  Everyone has their favorite brand, but let's try something new. There are thousands of brands that have differentiated themselves with distilling processes, methods, and storage of their liquors to make their flavor profile unique. With our virtual happy hours, we will guide you through each liquor theme's history and most popular flavor profiles to provide you with a better understanding of the liquor. 

Through our cocktail kits, we hope to diversify your palate a little bit and provide you with helpful tasting tips and tricks to make good drinks. We always say when making drinks, you never know until you try it. Cheers!

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